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  - Charlotte, Chief People & Diversity Equity Justice and Inclusion Officer

1 Career Opportunity at Sound

Sound offers both Adult and Child and Family Services (CFS). CFS provides high quality therapeutic interventions to address the needs of children and families throughout King County. Our Wraparound philosophy focuses on strengths, empowerment and family voice and choice. We welcome parents, caregivers and other providers as our partners in assisting children to thrive and achieve their highest potential. Many of the youth served have experienced significant trauma and/or abuse, out-of-home placements, and exposure to drugs and alcohol. Interns within Adult Services can expect to work with a culturally diverse, multi-problem clientele. Most clients assigned to interns are publicly funded (e.g., Medicaid) or low, very low income. Interns gain experience in clinical documentation, diagnosis, treatment plans and progress/discharge notes. Case management and counseling services may be a part of the treatment provided. Interns will gain some knowledge of the network of agencies. A team approach is used within the agency and in collaborating with other agencies and systems, depending on the needs of each case. Intern supervisor will provide clinical supervision, meeting individually with the intern at least one hour per week and other times as needed. Interns participate in team meetings and clinical consultation groups. Location; Lake City Way, Northgate, Wallingford Department: Child and Family, Adult Services