Care Coordinator - MA Level


Coordinate school-based support services in collaboration with Seattle public schools.


Provides cross system coordination of services with Seattle School district and in the community, Develop/monitor individualized Care plans with multi-disciplinary teams. Provide and or broker treatment services when appropriate.  Coordination of care with children/families, Seattle school district and with other child serving agencies and other child caring systems, facilitate referrals and ensure continuity of care. 

Duties of Employment:


  • Provide linkage for crisis intervention, training of families, school support activities, respite, transportation and other services
  • Coordinate and facilitate case reviews
  • Facilitate child and family teams
  • Record the team process
  • Act as liaison to referral sources
  • Facilitate treatment teams
  • Record the process
  • Prepare data summaries and reports as necessary
  • Perform other duties and responsibilities as needed and/or assigned

Direct Services:

  • Provide all required case coordination services
  • Facilitate and develop cross-system coordinated service plans for/with individual child/family with the team
  • Identify gaps in systems and service system barriers
  • Provide service linkages as appropriate
  • Prepare, coordinate and run monthly meetings
  • Prepare all necessary written reports, summaries and progress notes as dictated by agency policy to be a part of the clinical record
  • Re-configure or re-negotiate treatment and services as appropriate
  • Provide all required case coordination services
  • Participate in psychiatric consultation, supervision, program meetings and training as appropriate
  • Comply with the agency's clinical accountability policies and procedures and participate in quality improvement reviews, when assigned
  • Understand recovery concepts in behavioral health
  • Apply recovery concepts, as appropriate to my work at SOUND
  • Synthesize and demonstrate recovery concepts in my work at SOUND

Initial Family Contact

  • The Care Coordinator will contact the family by phone within 48 hours of receipt of the referral.
  • S/he introduces self and project to the referring parent and determines family's emergent needs
  • What does a crisis look like for this family?
  • What is the plan when a crisis occurs?
  • Is the youth enrolled with a Mental Health Agency?
  • Set up an appointment for intake and explain the intake process
  • Offer support and referrals.  Assess with the family whether the family is in emergency for food, shelter, clothes or other needs.  Refer to providing agencies.
  • Family is informed of the length of involvement of the Project/Care Coordinator and the goals of the wrap-around team.

Team Meetings

Team meetings are the structure and the driving force of the project.  It is through the team meetings that the family regains control through expressing their needs and receives the supports of care providers involved in their and their child's life.  It is also through the team meetings that a treatment/care plan is created and monitored .to help the family meet the goals outlined in their care plan. Frequency of meetings will be determined by the individualized needs (weekly, monthly, quarterly).

  • The Team will identify strengths of the child and the family.
  • The Coordinator will assure that the needs and priorities of the family and/or foster family determine how and when services are rendered.  Goals and desired outcomes are mutually defined with the family, as are the resources needed to achieve them.
  • The Coordinator will assure that each cross system care plan includes contingency plans for dealing with any crises and emergencies that may arise in the treatment of the child.  The Team and the family will facilitate the development of child and family teams for each child serve to increase inter-system planning and improve integration of services.  The Coordinator will attempt to have a representation from other systems that are involved with the child and the family, for example: natural supports, such as a neighbor or friend, caseworker, school representative, therapist, etc. 

The Care Coordinator will assure the families are assisted in identifying a range of resources including formal and informal supports to meet their needs.  Primary attention is given to the family's skill development in building and accessing resources to meet the family's needs. The Coordinator will obtain culturally relevant and/or minority consultation from experts that may not be Agency's regular employees.  The special population services shall be integrated in the child's care plan. 

The Care Coordinator will assist the team and the family to determine who will take over the team lead at the end of the project's involvement (generally this is the mental health provider).  The Care Coordinator will arrange meetings in a location convenient to the families.  If the family attends Community IST meeting travel expenses will be reimbursed based on mileage receipt submitted by the families.


It is essential that the Care Coordinator have skills and experience in the following:

  • Excellent assessment and intervention skills with, youth and their families.
  • Ability to work effectively with a wide range of emotional and behavioral problems in   children, adolescents and adult family members, including problems present in the family unit.
  • Knowledge of child development and pathology.
  • Knowledge of system resources and how to access them.
  • Ability to communicate effectively and collaborate with child serving agencies having contact with the child and/or family.
  • Skills and experience working with diverse ethnic and cultural groups.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and oral.
  • Knowledge of systems, individualized and tailored care and family centered practices.


  • This position requires a MA, MS, MSW degree
  • Master's degree in social work, psychology or a counseling related field (MSW, MA, MS)
  • MHP designation is required

This job has no supervisory responsibilities.


Must be able to obtain a WA State Agency Affiliated Counselor credential within the first 30 days of hire.  Must pass a criminal background check.  Must have WA state driver's license and insurable driving record as well as reliable transportation.


To successfully perform the essential duties of this position, an individual must be able to sit at a desk for six or more hours a day, and use office equipment, including phones and computer keyboards, for six or more hours per day. Individuals must be able to engage vendors, team members, clients and others over the phone and in-person by voice. Regular attendance is an essential function of the position. Reasonable accommodations may be made to assist individuals with disabilities to perform essential position functions.


The above position description is meant to describe the general nature and level of work performed; it is not intended as an exhaustive list of all duties, responsibilities and required skills for the position. Team members will be required to follow any other position-related instructions and to perform other duties requested by their supervisor in compliance with Federal and State laws. Requirements are representative of minimum levels of knowledge, skills and/or abilities necessary to perform each duty proficiently. Continued employment remains on an ?at-will? basis.

Send letter of interest, resume and salary history to: Recruitment@Sound.Health