Intern - Metro

Interns will gain experience working directly with clients in a supported environment. Interns have a variety of clinical opportunities including one-to-one counseling, play therapy, family therapy, and psychoeducational groups. Interns receive training in clinical assessment, treatment planning, crisis planning, and clinical documentation. Interns are eligible to attend, at no charge, various agency trainings provided throughout the year.

Internship Requirements:

  • Applicants must be currently enrolled in a relevant Bachelor's or Master's program.
  • Six month minimum commitment, nine months to one year preferred. 
  • Minimum 16-24 hours per week with a stable and reliable schedule. School vacations are not considered placement holidays, and all time off must be pre-approved by the supervisor.

The below programs are currently seeking intern candidates. Please indicate on your application which program most interests you.

Transition Support Program

Sound Location: Capitol Hill North, 122 16th Ave E, Interns travel in the community, car required

The Transition Support Program (TSP) is a community-based outreach team that works with clients in the first 90 days after involuntary psychiatric hospitalizations to assist in making connections to outpatient care. Building on the mantra of "Teach, don't take over," TSP interns work on a team to provide supportive contact with clients while they are hospitalized - helping clients develop their own goals, and assist in taking achievable steps toward meeting those goals. TSP interns work toward becoming true resource experts, as they work with clients using harm reduction strategies, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused interventions to move toward positive care transitions that reduce repeat hospitalizations.

Clean Start Internship

Sound Location: Belltown, 2329 4th Ave

Interns provide daily therapeutic groups, positive modeling, and recreational activities that promote positive life skills. Work with homeless adults in milieu and one-on-one to promote positive life skills accessing resources such as laundry, shower facilities, help with housing-seeking activities, and social interaction.       

Care Coordination Internship

Sound Location: Belltown, 2329 4th Ave

Interns provide support and ongoing assessment for clients who are in the maintenance stage of change, who need very little support from the organization. Providing check-in calls, assessments about changes in need-level and referrals to appropriate resources, triaging medication concerns, collaborating closely with psychiatric prescribers and providing crisis intervention as-needed. Interns gain experience in clinical documentation, creating collaborative treatment plans and crisis plans.

Rapid Access Internship

Sound Location: Capitol Hill, 1600 E Olive St; or Belltown, 2329 4th Ave

Rapid Access Interns provide direct individual support for clients who are waiting for walk-in intakes. Interns gain experience assisting clients with reading and understanding paperwork, having informed consent to services, providing resource referrals, problem-solving, and assistance in navigating Medicaid eligibility and access to care. Interns gain exposure to those seeking care in the community behavioral health setting, and get experience welcoming clients to care and reducing barriers to accessing that care. The ideal candidate is able to provide a warm welcome to people at various stages of readiness to change and with a variety of symptoms and severity in presentation

Child and Family Services Internship

Location: Office is at 600 Broadway, Interns sited in the Seattle Public School District

The CFS programs provide a wide variety of mental health services to children, adolescents and their families. Services include counseling, evidenced based practices, case management, advocacy, parent support and education, psychiatric evaluation and consultation. Services may be provided in the community, in schools or at the Broadway location of Sound (600 Broadway). Hours available are weekdays from 8:30 am to 7:30 pm.